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Khan Wars 6.02 Patch Notes



Campaign Templates

Now you can save your campaigns as a template using the new campaigns interface and reload them later. Reloading a template after choosing a target automatically sets campaign type, army order, number and type of the units, motivation and tempo, skipping all setting until the send campaign step. The only thing you must do is to choose a target at the start.


 To create a template first you have to set up a campaign and then save it in the last step of campaign set up using the “Add Template” button. To make corrections on reloaded campaign simply use back buttons. You can also overwrite existing templates from “Add Template” popup.


*Note that if you save a multiple target campaign, only the current (last) campaign will be saved. This also means that if you load a campaign template while making a multi target campaign only one campaign will be loaded (the campaign that currently is being set up). To create multi target campaign from templates, each separate campaign from the multi target needs to be loaded after setting their coordinates. Same goes for saving.





  • The UI of the unit recruitment buildings is changed with new outlook in order to be more mobile devices friendly.
  • All popups in the game are reworked to be compatible with mobile devices and should behave more consistent.
  • Choose world popup upon login on the gate is now optimized for better use in mobile devises.
  • The background of the gate on mobile devises now matches the one on bigger screens.
  • The sliding carpet on the gate will no longer slide under the screen on mobile devices.
  • Scrolling on mobile devices with opened popup and zoomed screen now should work as expected.
  • Province knight missions’ tooltips will no longer overlap the mission popup on mobile devices.
  • Dock bar will no longer be eaten from sides when zoomed on mobile devices.
  • Select max units’ button on send campaign popup on mobile devices is now at correct place.
  • All dropdowns in the game now have arrows on mobile devices.



  • Now you can stop the tutorial in any time.
  • Now you can replay the tutorial in any time. The option resides in the main UI dropdown.
  • Tutorial progress indicator is added.
  • Tutorial is revised and all inconsistencies with the original UI are fixed.
  • Tutorial pointing arrows now point to exact position where the user actions are expected.
  • Tutorial missing message after the step where the attack campaign reaches its target is back again.
  • The missing message after the tutorial that guides the user to assign a knight and the pointing arrow showing where are back again.



  • A bug is fixed where sometimes in new campaign interface attacks against a player that are part from multiple target campaign were not seen.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes spying an inactive player`s castle could reveal that there is army in that castle, but actually there is none.
  • Canceling a building in build queue will also cancel queued buildings that require this building.
  • A rare bug where the validation for overpopulation was not working properly, thus allowing overpopulation for some time is fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where healing big amounts of units in infirmary, over 35 days to complete, were not healing any units at all.
  • The missing motivation option for clean-up campaigns in old interface is back again.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes a death knight can be revived with resources without having the needed amounts.
  • The bug that was allowing patrol campaigns with distances accounted for over 10 hour duration to be sent is fixed.
  • The text claiming that the clan name can be up to ten symbols, instead of fifteen is fixed.
  • Bug, very rare one, allowing to attack without an army is fixed.
  • Visual bug in infirmary when healing big amounts of units is fixed.
  • Information in infirmary building is updated to match each game version – for classic and retro it is bonus for clean-up campaigns healing, and for new version the capacity of the building for units to be healed.
  • A rare case with multiple campaigns and army teleportation was caught and fixed.
  • The bug where a support army is being deleted when deleting the castle it was supporting is fixed. Now army will return as expected if something happens to the castle it supports.
  • The bug with the clock on the UI is fixed. It will now tick correctly.
  • The bug allowing the knight to be sent on a mission while he is in a camp is fixed.
  • The bug where sometimes national skill can be leveled up with more points than the currently available is fixed.
  • Loyalty rising in ghost castles will now work as with player castles.
  • The error message when trying to send a campaign to a distance accounted for over 10 hour’s duration now correctly states it’s forbidden.
  • The dead-lock of options in the new campaign interface when sending a transfer campaign to a castle that does not have enough free population is now fixed.
  • A bug is fixed where sometimes arrived support campaigns were displayed with wrong order of arrival.
  • A display bug with some of item skill bonuses showing in battle report was fixed. Fractional numbers were displayed as integer.
  • Transport offers initiated from marketplace will no longer be possible to be recalled.
  • The bug that was forbidding more than 7 attacks against a single castle is now fixed.

All News



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The guilds are live in World 25

Planned Maintenance in KW X

Planned Maintenance in KW X

Changes in gameplay of KW X!

Changes in gameplay of KW X!

Updates on KW X!

What's new on the KW X!

New messages system in KW X

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World 61 was restarted!

KW X New Feature and Maintenance

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x5 speed worlds tournament

Summer Clans Competition!

The Khan Wars team is organizing the first Clan competition this summer!

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Khan Wars X is coming soon

Thanks to the gameplay of all players, Khan Wars Team is really close to official release of Khan Wars X - our upcoming new version!

Maintenance Tuesday 24.11.2015

Tomorrow morning there will be a planned maintenance for hardware update starting on 24.11 at 5:00 CET until 08:00 CET the same day. Campaigns Attack, Spy, Camp, Settle and Support will be disabled starting on 23.11 (Today) at 19:00 CET until 9:00 CET on the next morning.

New UI and Battle Feature upcoming for the current versions!

Coming Soon!

Planned maintenance 03-04 June

Planned maintenance 03-04 June 17:00 CET

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Khan Wars 7.1.1 Patch Notes

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All the features of the new version 7.1!

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The BETA has ended, and all of the new features are live today! Checkout the new world map, mercenaries, mines, archery building and more available immediately in New worlds!

New Khan Wars features & BETA!

See the complete list with the new features and submit for the BETA test!

Daylight Saving Time 29th of March

Because of the Daylight Saving Time shift the campaigns Attack, Spy, Camp, Settle, Support will be disabled from 28.03 (Saturday) 16:00 CET until 29.03 (Sunday) 4:00 CET.

Match Card Event 14.02

Match Card event is back for 7 days! Stay tuned on 14th of February.

Merry Match Card Event

Join us in the Merry Match Card event and get tons of rewards as our way of celebrating! This event ends on Dec. 31 12:00 CET, so don't delay!


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The Great Pumpkhan is haunting Khan Wars 7!

October 30 and 31 only! Players must find the Pumpkhan during the event in order to participate. Only available in the new version: Khan Wars 7 - Classic and New Worlds (excludes Retro).

Khan Wars World Cup Winners

BLACKDOGS from Czech Republic won the Khan Wars World Cup championship in World 62.

Introducing Khan Wars 7: Blood and Glory

The next version of Khan Wars is here, and with it, the features you have always wanted in a strategy MMO. Whether you are a new player or a an existing fan, the latest update to Khan Wars 7 makes it easier than ever to polish your steel and engage in epic battle.

Khan Wars 7: Blood and Glory Release Notes

Khan Wars 7: Blood and Glory Release Notes

Khan Wars World Cup - the ultimate competition begins!

Special tournament round in World 62 is open for registrations until 21.07.2014

Khan Wars 6.05 Patch Notes

Khan Wars 6.05 Patch Notes

YavuzGökhan - The Dark Portals Event Winner

We are very glad that so many of you have participated in our first in-game event that took place in April! Over thousands of hundreds of portals were closed.

Khan Wars 6.04 Patch Notes

Khan Wars 6.04 Patch Notes

The darkness has begun! Do you have what it takes to destroy it?

The first ever Khan Wars event is beginning April 17th and ends April 24th.

Khan Wars 6.03 Patch Notes

Khan Wars 6.03 Patch Notes

Always be prepared for battle. No Matter where you are.

We've listened to our players and have now optimized Khan Wars to give you the full experience no matter where you are. Log in from an iOS or Android device and check out our new fluid experience.

Khan Wars 6.02 Patch Notes

Khan Wars 6.02 Patch Notes

Khan Wars 6.01 Patch Notes

Khan Wars 6.01 Patch Notes