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Khan Wars 7: Blood and Glory 7.1 Release Notes


New province Mines and Mercenary Camps connected to castles (NEW worlds only)

New province mines and mercenary camps are added in the game. They appear around players’ castles on the world map and in the province when different criteria are met. The access to the mines and camps is done through the province of the castle. Attacking a province mine or camp disables the work of the facility, or in other words they become pillaged. When pillaged, the mines and camps cannot be used. In order to work again they have to be repaired. When repaired a protection for few hours is applied over the camp or mine. Repairing process can be speed up for coins. Knights can also speed up the repair process to some point.

The mines give a bonus to the income of a certain resource to the castle to which it belongs.  The mercenary camps give access to train one unit type from each unit category – infantry, archers, cavalry, siege machines and special units.  All camps in one castle are different – they train different units. The training is done in the same manner as with training facilities, but has increased bonuses on training speeds.

There is only one mine per castle and three different mercenary camps, which when appear have to be discovered before becoming usable. When a castle is abandoned or conquered the camps and mines are reset and have to be discovered. The discovery process is made through a knight mission.

Each mine and mercenary camp can be upgraded to increase its bonuses. That is done inside their interface in the province. Each upgrade has different requirement that must be met before initiating an upgrade. Upgrades can be speed up for coins.


Players are awarded with new castle on level up (NEW worlds only)

Players in worlds with “New” version settings (worlds 20-37) will be granted with new castle upon reaching levels 10, 15 and 20 (total 3 free castles).


Castles of Active Player cannot be conquered (NEW worlds only)

Conquering castles of active players in worlds with “New” version settings (worlds 20-37) are now forbidden. Only castles of inactive players can be conquered.


New map technology, mechanics and art

Entirely new map using new technology is created. It is optimized and has full mobile devices compatibility. It has completely new art, dynamic loading, and some new functionalities, such as campaigns routing display, campaigns information, campaigns targets, zoom out to minimap, send instant campaigns (one step campaign interface). Old functionalities are kept, except the global events display, clean-up overview (the feature still remains accessible from Player Overview).



New Achievement system is created that counts most of the daily activities of the players and rewards them when a milestone is reached. There are three tiers of each achievement, where the milestones and also the rewards are increased. The Achievements reside in the quester and also in player profiles.


Baby-Sitting system

Baby-Sitting is a system which lets a player to take care of other players account while he is absent or has some troubles entering the game. It works in a way where one player is considered a Sitter (the person who takes care of the account) and another as Baby (the person who is absent). The system is limited to allow only one player to be a Baby to one Sitter, but one player can Sit two Babies. The Sitting has different access permission and some limitations, such as spending or purchasing paid currency.

Note, that the Baby-Sitting is limited within a clan and works only between clan members which are higher than level 10.


New Multi-Accounting system (players that share same IP addresses)

Multi-accounting system is added that allows two players to state that they are sharing one IP address (forbidden by the rules if not stated), so they don’t get punished. The feature restricts campaigns between those players and simultaneous actions towards third parties.


Barracks building split into Barracks and Archery Range

The Barracks building is now split into two buildings – Barracks for training of infantry units and Archery Range for training of archer units.


Experience gain update

The experience gain from training of units is increased with 50% and the experience gain from battles is decreased with 50%. The change is done in order to negate the fake battles experience injections.


Clan Points contribution per player in the clan page

Clan point’s contribution is now displayed for each clan member in the clan page. This is visible only to clan members.


Clan Points are now linked to the player

Contribution of Clan Points is now linked to each clan member, so if a player leaves his clan or is removed from it, the points he has contributed are also removed from the clan point’s pool. Those points are considered lost.


Clan members will no longer be able to attack each other

To prevent most obvious resource injections we are disabling the attacks between clan members.


Removing of player entered texts (abuse prevention)

All features and textual fields that were providing the function to enter a custom text are now removed. Those are Player Information, Castle information, Multi-accounting information, and change Knight Name.

The Change Castle Title function is kept, but it has another feature hooked to it (explained below).


Hidden custom castle titles (abuse prevention)

Names of the renamed Castles are now hidden to other players, only the Castle owner can see the custom name he has entered. For other players the castles are named as their owner name (default castle titles).


The limitation for staying in the game too long is removed (daily hours)

The maximum allowed hours per day to stay in the game are removed, so there should not be a counter for daily hours, messages or bans when the game session is longer than 20 hours.


Food consumption of camps update

Camps will no longer consume food every 10 minutes based on the population in the camp, but will place a 10% penalty instead on the food income on the sending castle while the camp is active. The penalty is placed for each active camp campaign.


Camps stay up to 24 hours

Camps now will auto return after 24 hours, instead of 120.


New notification system

New visual notifications on events such as gaining a level, gaining a knight level, receiving a new castle, completing an achievement is added. There are two types of notifications:

  • Flash notifications – shown for a short time at the bottom of the screen, having short text and flashy design. Those include events that does not require player interaction (achievement completion, player and knight level ups).
  • Notification Messages – an icon is placed under the top right corner drop down menu, where a counter is displayed when new notifications are received. Those notifications require player interactions such as opening links (player and knight level up, receiving new castle, receiving undiscovered mine and so on).


Events Log

New Events Log mechanics is added in the game to lower the amount of notifications that are received in the messages. Those are all the messages from categories Arrived Campaigns, Knights and Dynasty, Market and Marriage. The events log can be accessed from the top right corner drop down menu.


Player profile update

The player profile is updated with new design. The weekly medals and ranking cups are now displayed in one page with all other player information. Achievements are also listed in the player profile.


Order building level 1 is required to be able to abandon a castle

A requirement for Order building level 1 is added for abandoning a castle.


Order building requirements update

Order building now has different requirements for each level, where the new Archery Range building is added and some of the levels of other requirements are lowered or raised.


Update on bonus and penalty calculations over the resources income

The bonuses and penalties calculations over the resources income are reworked to be easier to understand, where the different percentages does not overlap on each other but are applied over the base numbers.


Bot Captcha is removed

The Bot Captcha that was checking each 30 minutes for automated activity is removed.


Instant Army and Instant Healing (NEW worlds only)

The paid option for instant finishing and instant healing of army units is updated to work based on the population in the queue instead of the total time. This way the option will have the same cost regardless of the bonuses and upgrades of the buildings.


Instant Resource Boosts (NEW worlds only)

The paid option for production boost of castle incomes now scales with different world speeds. Now, it is extended to give more days boost in slow worlds.


Instant Building and Instant Upgrade

The paid option for instant finishing of building or army upgrade processes now scales with world speeds. Now, it has cheaper costs per minute in slow worlds than those in fast ones.


Scaling of Knight Missions durations and rewards

Knight mission’s durations and rewards now scale with different world speeds. For the beta the world speed is 10 and the knight mission speeds after the first tutorial ones are in the range of 10 to 30 minutes.

All News



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New Bandits mechanics!

New stuff in Khan Wars X!

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The GUILDS are here!

The guilds are live in World 25

Planned Maintenance in KW X

Planned Maintenance in KW X

Changes in gameplay of KW X!

Changes in gameplay of KW X!

Updates on KW X!

What's new on the KW X!

New messages system in KW X

We will integrate a new improved messaging system in KW X!

The chellange awaits!

World 61 was restarted!

KW X New Feature and Maintenance

New Game Feature!


x5 speed worlds tournament

Summer Clans Competition!

The Khan Wars team is organizing the first Clan competition this summer!

Khan Wars X Release Notes


Khan Wars X is coming soon

Thanks to the gameplay of all players, Khan Wars Team is really close to official release of Khan Wars X - our upcoming new version!

Maintenance Tuesday 24.11.2015

Tomorrow morning there will be a planned maintenance for hardware update starting on 24.11 at 5:00 CET until 08:00 CET the same day. Campaigns Attack, Spy, Camp, Settle and Support will be disabled starting on 23.11 (Today) at 19:00 CET until 9:00 CET on the next morning.

New UI and Battle Feature upcoming for the current versions!

Coming Soon!

Planned maintenance 03-04 June

Planned maintenance 03-04 June 17:00 CET

Khan Wars 7.1.1 Patch Notes

Khan Wars 7.1.1 Patch Notes

Khan Wars 7: Blood and Glory 7.1 Release Notes

All the features of the new version 7.1!

Exciting New Features Live Today!

The BETA has ended, and all of the new features are live today! Checkout the new world map, mercenaries, mines, archery building and more available immediately in New worlds!

New Khan Wars features & BETA!

See the complete list with the new features and submit for the BETA test!

Daylight Saving Time 29th of March

Because of the Daylight Saving Time shift the campaigns Attack, Spy, Camp, Settle, Support will be disabled from 28.03 (Saturday) 16:00 CET until 29.03 (Sunday) 4:00 CET.

Match Card Event 14.02

Match Card event is back for 7 days! Stay tuned on 14th of February.

Merry Match Card Event

Join us in the Merry Match Card event and get tons of rewards as our way of celebrating! This event ends on Dec. 31 12:00 CET, so don't delay!


Khan Wars Patch Notes 7.01

The Great Pumpkhan is haunting Khan Wars 7!

October 30 and 31 only! Players must find the Pumpkhan during the event in order to participate. Only available in the new version: Khan Wars 7 - Classic and New Worlds (excludes Retro).

Khan Wars World Cup Winners

BLACKDOGS from Czech Republic won the Khan Wars World Cup championship in World 62.

Introducing Khan Wars 7: Blood and Glory

The next version of Khan Wars is here, and with it, the features you have always wanted in a strategy MMO. Whether you are a new player or a an existing fan, the latest update to Khan Wars 7 makes it easier than ever to polish your steel and engage in epic battle.

Khan Wars 7: Blood and Glory Release Notes

Khan Wars 7: Blood and Glory Release Notes

Khan Wars World Cup - the ultimate competition begins!

Special tournament round in World 62 is open for registrations until 21.07.2014

Khan Wars 6.05 Patch Notes

Khan Wars 6.05 Patch Notes

YavuzGökhan - The Dark Portals Event Winner

We are very glad that so many of you have participated in our first in-game event that took place in April! Over thousands of hundreds of portals were closed.

Khan Wars 6.04 Patch Notes

Khan Wars 6.04 Patch Notes

The darkness has begun! Do you have what it takes to destroy it?

The first ever Khan Wars event is beginning April 17th and ends April 24th.

Khan Wars 6.03 Patch Notes

Khan Wars 6.03 Patch Notes

Always be prepared for battle. No Matter where you are.

We've listened to our players and have now optimized Khan Wars to give you the full experience no matter where you are. Log in from an iOS or Android device and check out our new fluid experience.

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Khan Wars 6.02 Patch Notes

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Khan Wars 6.01 Patch Notes