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Khan Wars 6.05 Patch Notes



World information panel is added to the game. You can access it through the user menu at top right corner. It contains information about:

  • world ID
  • current round
  • game version
  • world speed
  • round start / end dates
  • on or off options for – knights, settle campaigns, clean-up campaigns, mercenary camps, map mines and coin markets
  • clan points gain mechanics
  • player inactivity period
  • protection duration
  • minimum level before attacks are allowed
  • level difference restriction for attacks and spy campaigns between players
  • maximum allowed clan members in a clan
  • change / create clan waiting time penalty
  • maximum allowed play hours per day
  • minimum clan members to participate in the clan ranking



  • Abandoned castles will no longer upgrade levels of their buildings to level 5. If a building were lower than fifth level it will remain the level it is, if it was higher it will still be lowered to level 5 as before.
  • Daily rewards popups are revised and now will behave more consistent.
  • Tooltips with descriptions are added over the knight’s statistics in the royal court knight’s popup.
  • The population tooltip will now also show the population that resides in map mines or mercenary camps.
  • An image for empty coordinates is added in the last step of send campaign popup when the campaign is sent to empty coordinates.



  • A visual bug for special units’ bonuses on units’ tooltips in battle reports is fixed. The bonuses received from special units were not updated after the first round. The problem was just visual, actual statistics were correct. Now units’ tooltips will update for each round based on remaining special units.
  • Visual bug in resources gain display of Ghost Castles in Retro worlds is now fixed. Now on all user interfaces there will be shown the same amount of resources gain.
  • A bug is fixed where the tooltips on buildings were not correctly refreshed and when reaching their maximum level they were still shown in green color as there are more levels to be built.
  • A rare case that was causing overpopulation after having an army in transfer and claiming units reward from quests is now fixed.
  • A very rare case that was causing lack of defender bonus for difference in players’ levels is now fixed.
  • The bug where sometimes knights’ items were unequipped occasionally was finally caught and fixed.
  • The promo notification on top right corner will no longer be stuck behind the resources bar when using low screen resolutions or mobile devices.
  • Send campaign popup will now correctly dim and lock the background.
  • Visual problems in mercenary camps when claiming units are now fixed.
  • The bug allowing a freshly captured castle to be spied by own spies is now fixed.
  • Players, who have recently abandoned a map mine, will no longer receive battle reports for attacks sent to that mine before actual abandoning to happen.
  • Returned compensation coins for returning a motivated multiple-target campaign will now be correctly calculated taking into account already completed steps of that multiple -target campaign.
  • Items received from random city events will now also follow the logic to have only one property for special unit bonus/penalty per item.
  • Visual bug that was causing a failed multiple-target campaign to display all its campaign nodes until the army returns to its starting point is now fixed. Only the returning campaign will now be seen after a multiple-target campaign fails to reach some of its targets.
  • A rare bug with wrong unit amounts in overpopulation popup is now fixed.
  • The bug that was causing multiple-target attacks sent from a camp to return after the first attack is now fixed.
  • The drop down for choosing a motivation option in the send campaign popup is repositioned and now can be clicked correctly.
  • The knight mission’s popups will no longer overlap the popup message for lack of stamina.
  • The bug that was causing a knight to disappear when his assigned castle is abandoned while he is on a mission, campaign, mine or camp is now fixed.
  • The bug that was causing every next camp after the first one to remain on field when a player is banned is now fixed. All units in camps now return correctly.

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Planned Maintenance in KW X

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Changes in gameplay of KW X!

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x5 speed worlds tournament

Summer Clans Competition!

The Khan Wars team is organizing the first Clan competition this summer!

Khan Wars X Release Notes


Khan Wars X is coming soon

Thanks to the gameplay of all players, Khan Wars Team is really close to official release of Khan Wars X - our upcoming new version!

Maintenance Tuesday 24.11.2015

Tomorrow morning there will be a planned maintenance for hardware update starting on 24.11 at 5:00 CET until 08:00 CET the same day. Campaigns Attack, Spy, Camp, Settle and Support will be disabled starting on 23.11 (Today) at 19:00 CET until 9:00 CET on the next morning.

New UI and Battle Feature upcoming for the current versions!

Coming Soon!

Planned maintenance 03-04 June

Planned maintenance 03-04 June 17:00 CET

Khan Wars 7.1.1 Patch Notes

Khan Wars 7.1.1 Patch Notes

Khan Wars 7: Blood and Glory 7.1 Release Notes

All the features of the new version 7.1!

Exciting New Features Live Today!

The BETA has ended, and all of the new features are live today! Checkout the new world map, mercenaries, mines, archery building and more available immediately in New worlds!

New Khan Wars features & BETA!

See the complete list with the new features and submit for the BETA test!

Daylight Saving Time 29th of March

Because of the Daylight Saving Time shift the campaigns Attack, Spy, Camp, Settle, Support will be disabled from 28.03 (Saturday) 16:00 CET until 29.03 (Sunday) 4:00 CET.

Match Card Event 14.02

Match Card event is back for 7 days! Stay tuned on 14th of February.

Merry Match Card Event

Join us in the Merry Match Card event and get tons of rewards as our way of celebrating! This event ends on Dec. 31 12:00 CET, so don't delay!


Khan Wars Patch Notes 7.01

The Great Pumpkhan is haunting Khan Wars 7!

October 30 and 31 only! Players must find the Pumpkhan during the event in order to participate. Only available in the new version: Khan Wars 7 - Classic and New Worlds (excludes Retro).

Khan Wars World Cup Winners

BLACKDOGS from Czech Republic won the Khan Wars World Cup championship in World 62.

Introducing Khan Wars 7: Blood and Glory

The next version of Khan Wars is here, and with it, the features you have always wanted in a strategy MMO. Whether you are a new player or a an existing fan, the latest update to Khan Wars 7 makes it easier than ever to polish your steel and engage in epic battle.

Khan Wars 7: Blood and Glory Release Notes

Khan Wars 7: Blood and Glory Release Notes

Khan Wars World Cup - the ultimate competition begins!

Special tournament round in World 62 is open for registrations until 21.07.2014

Khan Wars 6.05 Patch Notes

Khan Wars 6.05 Patch Notes

YavuzGökhan - The Dark Portals Event Winner

We are very glad that so many of you have participated in our first in-game event that took place in April! Over thousands of hundreds of portals were closed.

Khan Wars 6.04 Patch Notes

Khan Wars 6.04 Patch Notes

The darkness has begun! Do you have what it takes to destroy it?

The first ever Khan Wars event is beginning April 17th and ends April 24th.

Khan Wars 6.03 Patch Notes

Khan Wars 6.03 Patch Notes

Always be prepared for battle. No Matter where you are.

We've listened to our players and have now optimized Khan Wars to give you the full experience no matter where you are. Log in from an iOS or Android device and check out our new fluid experience.

Khan Wars 6.02 Patch Notes

Khan Wars 6.02 Patch Notes

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Khan Wars 6.01 Patch Notes